Neso LED


LED luminaire designed as recessed downlight (complete with appropriate housing) or for surface mounting.
Energy saving solution for installation in offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shop malls, public buildings, etc.
Luminaire supply directly by 230V AC (external power supply unit is not reqiured).
Product designed to easy replace light source at any time by screw LED engine to the housing, without any tools.
Replacement for traditional downlights.

Thanks to modular construction, luminaire can be instantly install to all type of ceilings, and light source can be also replace at any time without using any tools

- energy-efficient – luminaire is characterized by incredible for a this type of lamp luminous efficacy over 85lm/W. The luminaire can replace traditional energy-consuming fixtures for compact fluorescent lamps (from 50% to 65% savings)
- reliability – all elements ensure reliable operation of the system for 50 000h
- ecology – the product does not contain harmful substances, does not require disposal, does not emit heat or any unwanted UV and IR radiation
- safety – luminaire is manufactured in accordance with European standards, including safety

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