Atlas LED


Luminaire designed for installation on the tracks in offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, public buildings, etc.
Replacement of traditional luminaires for compact fluorescent lamps or metal-halide lamps.
Luminaire designed to highlight local exposure of the facade, museum objects, etc.

- luminaire is based on the highest quality power LEDs
- luminaire is equipped with an integrated power supply unit and has available types of optics: 15°, 20°, 30°, 40°
- Argon series LED is designed for mounting on a standard three-phase track lines

- energy-efficient – depending on the version and color temperature luminous efficiency is from 70lm/W to 85lm/W. The luminaire can replace traditional luminaires for compact fluorescernt and metal-halide lamps
- reliability – all elements ensure reliable operation of the system for 50 000h
- ecology – the product does not contain harmful substances, does not require disposal, does not emit heat or any unwanted UV and IR radiation
safety – luminaire is manufactured in accordance with European standards, including safety

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