CoMag LED 230


CoMag LED 230 is powered directly  from mains  (system does  not  require  additional power supply units) and it's designed  for  highlight light boxes and other 3D signage.

- a basic chain consists of 18x 3-LEDs modules or 27x 2-LEDs module (total number of LEDs - 54)
- supplementary chains consist of 12, 8 or 4 modules (3-LEDs module version) or 18, 12 or 6 modules in the case of (2-LEDs module version)
- modules are connected by cables with a length of 140mm (3-LED version) or 165mm (2-LED version), allowing easy, uniform deploy LEDs in whole light box
- LEDs are placed in a hermetically flooded mold made of UV rays resistant polystyrene, creating modules with high index of protection - IP65
- modules are mounted to the substrate by screws, eg. SPAX 2,5x10

- energy-efficient – CoMag is based on a brand Seoul Semiconductor LEDs with luminous efficacy over 100lm/W. One basic chain consume 23.5W and can highlight surface of light box up to 125x85x15cm (approx 1m2 surface area illuminated) - while maintaining the same brightness CoMag allows you to save up to 50% energy compared to fluorescent
- reliability – system is powered directly from the mains (230V AC) and does not require additional energy-consuming and expensive power supply units. Thanks to unique design and full encapsulation by thermal resin, heat is efficiently dissipated from LED module to outside the system, extending lifespan of LEDs and ensuring a high resistance to moisture
- ecology – the product does not contain harmful substances, does not require disposal, does not emit heat or any unwanted UV and IR radiation
- safety – luminaire is manufactured in accordance with European standards, including safety, also used housing is resistant to harmful UV rays


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